Our Story

Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast is a new counter-style, all-day cafe, market & bar located in the historic Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis. We share the work of artisans and makers that create incredible products right here in the Food Building, including Red Table Meat Company, Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, and Alemar Cheese Company.

The result is a “dig in and consider the source” philosophy that delivers transparency from the makers to our executive chef’s mindful creations to the neighborhood we love.

It’s more than great food. Sure, we have great stories about our deep-seated connections to Minnesota makers, farmers, and this amazing community and we’d be more than happy to pull up a chair and chat. Really! But you can also see for yourself by taking a walk down the hall and into the Food Building. Explore the space where our makers create. Learn how they work. You’ll gain a new perspective on both food and our community.

Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast is the heart of the house, a place for conversation, where everybody is a neighbor and where it is common practice to consider the source, dig deep, believe in being authentic, and to spread joy.

Welcome home!