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Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast is a counter-style, all-day, cafe, market & bar, serving craft food primarily from the building’s artisan producers; and dedicated to simplifying breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the quality of the key ingredients.

The specialty is sharing the work of artisans and makers that create products from the Food Building, including Red Table Meat Company, Baker’s Field Flour & Bread, and Alemar Cheese Company. The new endeavor has a dig in & consider the source philosophy that delivers transparency from the makers to the Executive Chef’s mindful creations to the neighborhood that they love.


To drive passion for the craft of food.


Every day we are makers. We make responsible sourcing decisions. We make an environment where transparency is plentiful. We make relationships with the community, growers, and artisans. We make good energy a priority. We make warm hospitality and joyful banter a part of every visit. We make your ingredients, right here.


What are the brands located within the Food Building; central to Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast?

  • Red Table Meat Co.

    Co-founded by Mike Phillips, Red Table Meat Co. creates the best salami and cured pork products you will ever taste. Growing up in rural Iowa, Mike was raised around farmers who gave him an understanding of entire farm-to-table in the truest sense of the word. His career never veered from a vision of creating the best food from the freshest ingredients. The meats come from farms in Minnesota and Iowa and their products are enjoyed throughout the menu at Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast and for take-home.

  • Baker’s Field Flour & Bread

    Baker’s Field Flour & Bread uses stone-milled grain to bake naturally leavened breads. Co-founder Steve Horton is a life-long baker who works with farmers to experiment and grow quality grains that give Baker’s Field breads special, unique flavors. The majority of their grain is purchased directly from farmers in the upper Midwest and their products can be enjoyed as an integral part of Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast’s menu and for take-home.

  • Alemar Cheese Company

    Launched in 2008, Alemar Cheese Company was founded by Keith Adams, who carefully studied artisan cheesemaking with a singular focus of creating the best products he could make. Within two years of beginning production, Alemar Cheese Company began winning the most prestigious national awards in their field. Each cheese has a unique flavor profile based on a special preparation. The cheese is part of the Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast menu and for take-home.

What are some of the local products that will be featured at Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast?

It is true that you have Honey bees on the roof?

Yes. We have bee hives on the roof of the Food Building; provided by Skinny Jake’s Fat Honey. As they will tell you, “This isn’t your regular kinda honey. This is the condensed nectar of the urban jungle, pulsing with aroma and flavor like a flowery summer nebula. Every drop is a universe of flavor.” Skinny Jake’s began in 2001 with one backyard hive in NE Minneapolis. They now have many hives; spanning throughout Minnesota – including the Food Building. The honey is incorporated into tasty offerings within the Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast menu and can also be purchased for take-home. Our bees love it here.



Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast is the vision of Irishman Kieran Folliard, who has devoted his work to realizing ideas that enhance the lifestyle of customers through food and drink. He’s the same Kieran who launched a series of successful pubs and restaurants in the Twin Cities (Kieran’s Irish Pub, the Local, Cooper and The Liffey), before founding 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey, now a U.S. national brand.

Kieran has most recently opened the Food Building, in Northeast Minneapolis; partnering with established artisan food makers with the goal of connecting customers to great foods and the time-honored craft rituals behind them. After years of building up these brands, he has now developed a new cafe, market & bar, Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast, featuring the artisan food brands as well as others with similar compelling values and flavor profiles. This neighborhood endeavor is a place where stories of the growers and makers can be showcased among the seekers coming to Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast, alongside fine locally inspired drink selections.


Doreen Clark