The Food Building

Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast resides in the historic Food Building, home to Red Table Meat Company, Baker’s Field Flour & Bread and Alemar Cheese Company. It’s also a space where a community of food and beverage professionals collaborate with one another, and inspire each other to celebrate the legacy of food and Northeast Minneapolis.

Stop by when you’re in the neighborhood and take a self-guided tour. There is also space within the Food Building that is available to rent for events.

Deli - Red Table.png

Red Table Meat Company

Co-founded by Mike Phillips, Red Table Meat Company creates the best salami and cured pork products you will ever taste. Growing up in rural Iowa, Mike was raised around farmers who gave him an understanding of entire farm-to-table in the truest sense of the word. His career never veered from a vision of creating the best food from the freshest ingredients.

Take a tour of the Food Building and you’ll find Red Table’s team at the far end, happily creating salami and other delectables. But you better get there early. Salami makers work bakers hours.

Deli - BAkersfield.png

Baker’s Field Flour & Bread

The role of grain in Minnesota and Northeast Minneapolis spans farms, trains and mills, all of which still feature prominently in Northeast Minneapolis. Baker’s Field Flour & Bread continues that legacy, using stone-milled grain to bake naturally leavened breads. Co-founder Steve Horton is a life-long baker who works with farmers to experiment and grow quality grains that give Baker’s Field breads special, unique flavors. Order a sandwich at Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast, and you’ll likely come back for a loaf of Baker’s Field later.

Baker’s Field is in the middle of the Food Building. There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, but you’ll have to get up pretty early to catch them baking. Don’t worry, we’ll save some for you.

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Alemar Cheese Company

Launched in 2008, Alemar Cheese Company was founded by Keith Adams, who carefully studied artisan cheesemaking with a singular focus on creating the best product he could make. Within two years of beginning production, Alemar Cheese Company began winning the most prestigious national awards in their field. Each cheese has a unique flavor profile based on a special preparation.

Yes, Alemar are the people that put Surly’s Bender beer into a cheese. It’s incredible, as are all of their cheeses.